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Italian citizenship

We provide support for procedures both in Italy and through Consulates and Embassies abroad. Explore the available options to acquire Italian citizenship

By Marriage

If you are married to an Italian citizen, you can apply for citizenship after a legal residence period in Italy of two years from the date of marriage, or three years if residing abroad, halved if the couple has minor or legally adopted children. Before starting the procedure, ensure the marriage is registered in Italy and, if living abroad, that the Italian spouse is registered with AIRE with an updated address.

By Naturalization (Residence)

Citizenship through residence is available to EU citizens after four years of legal residence in Italy, to non-EU citizens after ten years, to those with parents or grandparents who were Italian by birth or have been legally residing in Italy for at least three years, to adults adopted by Italian citizens who have legally resided in Italy for at least five years after adoption, and to stateless persons after five years.

By Descent (Jure Sanguinis)

If you have Italian ancestors who have never renounced their citizenship, you might be eligible for citizenship by descent. Contact us to assess your eligibility.

Newly of legal age

If you were born in Italy to foreign parents, you have one year from turning 18 to request Italian citizenship, provided you have lived in Italy continuously.

Reacquisition of citizenship

If you have lost Italian citizenship, you can reacquire it by establishing residence in Italy for a year or declaring the intention to reacquire citizenship and moving to Italy within a year from the declaration.
For more information or to start your journey towards Italian citizenship, contact MMS Advisory. Our team is ready to provide all the necessary assistance.

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Residence Permits in Italy for Businesses and Individuals

We provide consultancy to identify the most suitable type of residence permit for the needs of businesses wanting to employ foreign citizens and individuals wishing to live, work, or study in Italy. There are various categories of permits, each designed to meet specific requirements.
To discover the ideal solution for you, contact us.

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Additional Services

Registration with the National Health Service (SSN)

Registration with the SSN is generally valid for the duration of the residence permit. Upon expiry, to renew the registration and request a new health card, it is necessary to contact the competent Local Health Authority again. The right to registration is granted to:
- Holders of a residence permit who work regularly as employees or self-employed.
- Those who regularly reside in Italy or have requested the renewal of the residence permit for various reasons (work, family, international protection, etc.).
- The dependents of the above-mentioned subjects, regularly residing in Italy. Registration is also extended to citizens of the European Union.

Italian Documents

For assistance in obtaining Italian documents such as a passport, identity card, and fiscal code (essential in dealings with public administrations and for accessing essential services like registration with the National Health Service and choosing a general practitioner), do not hesitate to contact us.

If you need assistance registering with the Italian documents or SSN, contact us.

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Anagrafe registration

AIRE (“Anagrafe degli Italiani Residenti all’Estero” Registry of Italians Residing Abroad)

Managed by municipalities based on information from consular representations, AIRE registration is crucial. It enables the exercise of fundamental rights provided by the Italian Constitution. Incorrect registration or failure to register can negatively impact electoral, health, social, fiscal, civil, and personal rights. Failure to register with AIRE results in monetary penalties, as established by the Law of December 30, 2023, no. 213. The municipality of registration is responsible for the ascertainment and imposition of penalties.

In Italy

Anagrafica registration at an Italian municipality is essential for exercising the right of residence. It is necessary for obtaining documents such as an identity card, anagrafica certifications, the Italian driving license, or the conversion of a foreign license. It is also a precondition for accessing social services and public tenders, including those for the allocation of public housing or various types of subsidies. Residence combines an objective element, being present in a place, with a subjective one, the intention to establish one’s main dwelling there.
For assistance with anagrafe registration, please contact us

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Italian driving licence

If you are a foreign citizen residing in Italy, it’s important to be aware of the rules regarding the validity of your foreign driving license and the necessary steps for its conversion into an Italian driving license. The regulations vary depending on your citizenship

Non-EU Citizens

If you come from a non-EU country, your foreign driving license is valid in Italy for one year from the date of obtaining residency in Italy. Within this period, to continue driving legally, you must initiate the process of converting your foreign license into an Italian license.

EU Citizens

If you are a citizen of an EU member state, your driving license is valid in Italy for two years from the date of establishing residency in Italy. After this period, it is necessary to proceed with the conversion of your license into an Italian license to continue driving within the national territory.
Need to convert your license? Contact us!

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Services for

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Assistance for Business Startups

For those wishing to start a business or enterprise abroad, this service can offer support in navigating local business laws and procedures, as well as in planning and launching the business itself (creating business plans for accessing public funds, e.g., start-up funds).


Providing guidance on how to handle emergency situations, including contacts for emergency services and information on evacuations or crisis situations.

Finances and Taxes

Financial counseling can cover bank account management, tax planning, and understanding local and international tax laws.


We assist in understanding the local healthcare system, access rights to healthcare services, and healthcare insurance options. This may include information about medical facilities, insurance coverage, and disease prevention.


This service includes assistance in finding accommodation, advice on lease agreements, and support in resolving disputes with landlords or neighbors.

Documentation and Permanent Residence

For those who wish to settle long-term abroad, counseling can guide in obtaining permanent residence or citizenship, including the requirements and processes involved.

Legal Assistance

Through top industry experts, we provide legal advice on matters such as immigration, family law, labor law, or legal disputes.

Mobility Assistance

For those who need to move between countries, counseling may include information on local public transportation, car rentals, and obtaining international driver's permits.

Money Transfer and Currency Exchange

MMS Advisory provides practical advice on transferring money between countries, including reliable and convenient money transfer services and how to obtain the best currency exchange rate.

Psychological and Social Support

Counselling may include psychological and social support services to address psychological or adaptation challenges related to a new culture, environment, or overseas experience.

Social Welfare

We offer detailed information and points of contact with various institutions (e.g., Italian welfare organizations) regarding social welfare rights, such as pensions, healthcare, and unemployment benefits, and we assist our clients in accessing these services in Italy and the United Kingdom.

Translations and Documents

Assistance with the translation and legalization of important documents such as birth certificates, diplomas, or legal documents for administrative or legal purposes.

Visas and Employment

For those seeking employment, MMS Advisory can assist in job searches, visa application submissions, and work permit processes. Through our experts, we can also provide information on employment laws and contracts.

Postal and Delivery Services

This service includes information on shipping and delivery options between countries, including costs, delivery times, and customs procedures, if applicable.

Repatriation Assistance

The consulting company can offer advice on planning the return to the home country, including the transfer of assets, closing bank accounts, and other procedures.

Assistenza per il rimpatrio

La società di consulenza può offrire consulenza sulla pianificazione del rientro nel paese d'origine, incluso il trasferimento di beni, la chiusura di conti bancari e altre procedure.

Documentazione e residenza permanente

Per coloro che desiderano stabilirsi a lungo termine all'estero, la consulenza può guidare nell'ottenimento della residenza permanente o della cittadinanza, inclusi i requisiti e i processi coinvolti.

Orientamento fiscale

Questo servizio fornisce consulenza sulle leggi fiscali locali e internazionali, aiutando i cittadini a comprendere e rispettare gli obblighi fiscali in entrambi i paesi.

Assistenza consolare

Ci premuriamo di fornire supporto presso le ambasciate o i consolati locali. Possiamo aiutare a stabilire contatti con le autorità consolari e fornire orientamenti per risolvere problemi legati alle più disparate esigenze consolari.

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Services for

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Administrative Support

We manage administrative aspects on your behalf, such as maintaining company records, accounting, and human resource management, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations.

Company Formation

We assist businesses throughout the process of forming new companies, including the completion of legal documents, registration with local authorities, and management of bureaucratic procedures.

Contract and Business Negotiation Management

MMS Advisory provides assistance in contract negotiations, contract review, and management of relationships with local suppliers and customers, ensuring smooth and effective business transactions.

Financial Planning

With our financial consulting experts, we assist in managing the company budget, planning investments, and ensuring prudent management of corporate capital.

Legal Support

MMS Advisory provides legal counsel to help businesses understand and comply with local Italian and UK laws and regulations. This includes contract preparation, interpretation of tax regulations, and compliance with labour laws.

Market Research

We conduct market research to assess expansion opportunities, understand competition, and identify the needs of local customers, thereby assisting businesses in planning effective strategies.

Marketing and Public Relations Strategies

MMS Advisory develops targeted marketing strategies and manages relationships with local media to promote the company and its products or services.

Recruitment and Human Resources

We offer support in hiring practices, finding qualified personnel, and handling human resource-related matters, contributing to building a strong team.

Regulatory Compliance

MMS Advisory ensures that businesses comply with all local laws, including licensing and permit requirements, thereby avoiding potential sanctions.

Ready Made Company

We provide and sell pre-established companies ready for use, significantly expediting the start of business operations.

Supply Chain Management

We optimize procurement, logistics, and distribution operations to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Tax Support

Assistance is offered in navigating the local tax system, including identifying tax-saving opportunities and strategic tax planning.

Technical Support

Advanced technological solutions are implemented to enhance operational efficiency, including the management of IT systems and networks.

Virtual Registered Offices

Companies can benefit from legal domiciliation services, allowing them to have a registered legal address in the host country without the need for a physical presence.